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VitalSigns is an easy, intuitive way to set expectations and accountability for your churches, as well as a place to discuss, and act on, the important issues we all face.
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cross and flame VitalSigns defines the aspects of a successful ministry and offers a real-time way to measure against it. VitalSigns trends key indicators to uncover important insights, so you can react faster and share successes.

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How it works

STEP 1: Every Sunday night an email is sent to the churches in the Conference. The email contains a simple link to the form. No messy login to slow down busy church staff!

step 1

STEP 2: The church fills out its metrics. Filing time is less than a minute. Note: The questions below are just a sample. The final questions will be determined by the VitalSigns steering committe made up of the first 10 Conferences.

step 2

STEP 3: Everyone in the connection can view the reports and see how things are trending

step 3